Original GINJER® organic pastille – honey

Original GINJER® organic pastille
Ginger pastilles made from acacia gum with honey flavor

  • certified organic
  • crafted in manufacture
  • with acacia gum (gum arabic)
  • long lasting flavor
  • ginger effect for mouth and throat
  • 100% vegan ingredients


Organic quality. Vegan. Flavor: honey. Content: 40 g (ca. 34 pastilles)



The soft pastilles consist of natural acacia gum (gum arabic). Acacia gum binds the active substances and flavors of ginger and ensures a lasting taste experience and a slow and continuous release of ginger on the tongue. Gum arabic is slowly absorbed by the digestive system and then metabolized.

thickener: gum arabic*; cane sugar*; wheat based glucose syrup*; 2.6 % ginger extract*; flavors: 1.3% ginger and 17,4% honey. *Ingredients from organic cultivation.

Nutritional value:
100 g product contain: energy 807 kJ (194 kcal); fat 0,4 g, of which saturated
fatty acids <0.1 g; carbohydrates 60.3 g, of which sugar 28.9 g; dietary fibres 32.1 g; protein 1 g; salt 0.01 g.

40 g (ca. 34 pastilles)

Learn more about our ginger extract and the specialized CO2 manufacturing process.


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