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Lemon Pharma is the first manufacturer to offer ginger products in such a wide variety: drops, pastilles, dragees, chewing gum and cubes. The popular spicy taste of ginger is complemented with mild orange, aromatic anise or fresh lemon. Shortly, there will be mixtures with mint and honey too. Discover this new world of flavors!

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Have you ever experienced or heard of that ginger feeling in the stomach? You know, on one of those rainy days, when it’s cold outside and you drink a cup of hot ginger tea to warm up. It’s the cozy feeling that can warm you from within.

One thing many air travelers have in common is ear discomfort. Ear pressure can quickly spoil a trip. Chewing gum and dragées can help release the pressure.

Ginger is also famous for providing relief from a sore throat. The Ginjer ingredients lie gently on the mucous membrane and release the natural healing power of ginger. Sucking on ginger pastilles also helps to keep the throat moist and absorb the ginger extract evenly.

Ginger has been a proven remedy to alleviate stomach ache. It has a stimulating effect on our production of gastric fluid, saliva and bile and also supports our intestinal function.

Going on a cruise or a boat trip often comes with an unpleasant side effect: motion sickness. The bumping and swinging of the ship confuses our senses. GINJER travel products like chewing gum, cubes or pastilles help stabilizing your system.

Probably the most common use of ginger is to make ginger tea. Lemon Pharma’s highly concentrated ginger extract is available as drops. Making ginger tea has never been easier: Simply pour a few GINJER drops into hot water, stir, and enjoy your cup of flavorsome, healthy ginger tea.

Thanks to an innovative production process, Lemon Pharma is able to produce a ginger chewing gum in a melted-gum process. In this process, the single components are blended very carefully under heat influence in order to preserve especially the natural ingredients as best as possible. These ingredients are gradually released again when the gum is chewed and can be efficiently absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth. Chewing gum is recommended to improve the oral flora by stimulating saliva production and removing plaque.

Ginger is known to help preventing nausea and other problems. When you travel by car, we recommend easy to use products like our ginger chewing gum or dragees. Discover the different flavors of Lemon Pharma GINJER products.