Lemon Pharma offers different versions of products containing high quality GINJER® extract. One the one hand, we wanted to complement the popular spicy taste of ginger with fresh lemon, but also with mild orange to appeal to your taste. On the other hand, we wanted to create ginger products for different applications. Somebody who is driving a car can’t prepare hot ginger tea at the same time and might prefer chewing gum or tasty pastilles. Most of the time, you can use our ginger products intuitively. Just be careful with our highly concentrated ginger extract. One drop too much may already exceed the desired spiciness. By the way, have we mentioned that you can also use our ginger extract for cooking?

Generally, ginger products are equally suitable for adults and children. However, many children don’t like the spicy taste, so we don’t recommend offering children ginger.

Ginger products are often recommended as a natural remedy for mild nausea in early pregnancy. In late pregnancy, doctors may advise against them. However, this is culturally different. Since there is no clear medical opinion, we would like to ask you to consult with your doctor in this regard.

GINJER® products are 100% natural and there are no known side effects.

The effect varies from person to person, but you might notice initial success after just a few days or weeks.

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